Press reviews

Among the singers on stage, Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan is the star of the show: the young mezzo-soprano shone with her great vocal volume, precise intonation, her warm timbre and amazing stage presence…

„Ariodante“, Die Presse

Highly praised by audiences and the press, Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan fascinates not only with her vocal skills, but with her unique stage presence and with her great versatility. Last Friday an amazed audience could experience that for real.
It felt like Eva Maria Riedl- Buschan was taking the audience with her on a rollercoaster of emotions, singing with ever changing expression and honest interpretation, with a warm voice, sincere and with a brilliant and powerful sound. Yet she was continuously charming, with esprit, sang with the softest pianissimo, even though she convinced with great charisma and drive one could feel the sometimes nearly mischievous joy she felt herself and shared with the people listening.


Being blessed with a warm, tender and wonderfully rounded mezzo- soprano voice with rich nuances combined with a precise pronounciation, Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan fascinated her audience with a diversified programme containing Liszt, Schubert, Korngold, Strauss, Schumann und Wagner. Grand applause!


This was a dedicated interpretation, with grand moments in both tender and powerful moments. Above all, Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan’s wonderful mezzo-soprano. One could experience a perfect synthesis of aesthetic stringency, a deeply felt spiritual message and a true brilliance of vocal technique.

Bernstein „Jeremiah“, Tiroler Tageszeitung

A commemoration of the dead with brilliant voices… It is not easy to experience a so-called “magic moment”. But at Stefaniensaal in Graz, it happened. The rich, powerful soprano of Hungarian State Opera singer Beatrix Fodor was equally matched by Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan with her warm mezzo-soprano and her touchingly  interpreted solo passages…

„Missa da Requiem“, Kleine Zeitung

First, young mezzo-soprano Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan presented songs composed by Franz Liszt and Robert Schumann with her beautiful warm sounding voice and vocal perfection, as well as with distinct pronounciation.

Then, in the second part, she shone and enthused the audience even more when she sang Richard Strauss’ „Zueignung“ and turned it into a special listening experience.

When she sang Richard Strauss’ „Zueignung“, it was a great experience, but with Mahlers Wunderhorn songs, she stole the audience’s hearts.

She also impressed with both facial expression and gesture, which made the songs come to life in the truest sense of word without any over- acting. Three encores were nearly not enough for the thrilled audience.

Recital, Kleine Zeitung

(…), where they had a competent partner in Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan. This was a performance where one could sense the composer’s intention, that his obsession of this symphony was something „very private“, an opus the world had not heard before. The audience in the sold-out concert hall was enraptured!

Mahler’s 3rd Symphony, OZ

Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan filled in for her colleague. One word: Excellent!

„Ariadne auf Naxos“, Oper Aktuell

Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan sang a great Dalilah with her rich mezzo soprano.

Opera Gala, Der Neue Merker

Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan showed a sensuous, luscious mezzo and gamely played along with the director’s shtick, sporting dreadlocks and only a hint of dark-hued make-up.

(…) Riedl-Buschan offered superb vocalization and uninhibited, expert comic timing.

„Robinson Crusoe“, Opera News

Extremely moving in her singing and acting, Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan then deservedly  earned all the sympathy by the at first rather reserved premiere audience.

„Robinson Crusoe“, Deutsche Bühne

On the other hand, one could be impressed vocally with classy- sounding Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream“ , Die Presse

And then, Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan as sensual Dryade proved (..), what great ensemble singers Vienna Volksoper can offer even for such demanding roles.

„Ariadne auf Naxos“, Der Neue Merker

It is astonishing which excellent singers Vienna Volksoper can offer even in the smaller roles, such as Daniel Schmutzhard and Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan.

„Ariadne auf Naxos“,

In the end the most impressive person on stage was Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan as Cherubino. She is developing a rich, colorful, down-to-earth mezzo-soprano which leads to great expectations. Apart from that, she guarantees vivid, casual acting and an very sympathetic stage presence.

„Le nozze di Figaro“,

…Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan is attractive and vocally fully convincing….

„The love for three oranges“, Die Presse

Eva Maria Riedl-Buschan offered a persuasively boyish Hansel; it is not necessarily the easiest of tasks portraying a truculent little boy on stage, though it must be fun if one can.

„Hansel and Gretel“, Opera News